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Spiritual Inventory

This project was a great way to put my inner self in order. The questions help identify positive and negative people and environments. Having everything on paper allows me to track how I am doing. Sometimes when things are going well you may not even realize you are taking it for granted. By documenting things I believe it helps problem solve and stay humble. This is a simple strategy that any client can do and benefit from.

spiritual inventory

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Contemporary Nutrition

I will show examples three topics covered in Contemporary Nutrition was types. The first topic is the different types of diets. There are so many diets on the market today. Learning the science beyond these diets will help differentiate the truth vs the fiction. The second topic is nutrition related to cardiovascular health. Poor nutrition can lead to a variety of heart related diseases and conditions. The third topic is the impact nutrition  has on body composition. You are what you eat. Processed and sugary foods lead to obesity.

There are many resources online, within the community and at local hospitals. Income disparities directly impact the health of the community. Wealthier communities have less nutritional related health problems. Part of this is education, but the other part is access. The internet has opened the door for the lower income communities and government health initiatives are giving people more access.

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine Syllabus

Course Syllabus

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

This course will be taught over a three-week period starting March, 1 2020. It will run one night per week, Wednesday for 90 min. Students will learn the basics about acupuncture and soft tissue treatments. These techniques are sometimes used alone, but more commonly these practices are integrated into traditional western medicine treatments. Understanding that there are many ways to treat injuries and illness is crucial when developing a patient’s care plan. This course was created to help people better understand how the body functions and the benefits of non-surgical treatments such as acupuncture and ART.

Instructor: Charles DeFrancesco, 

Week 1

Introduction – During this portion of the class we will take the time to get to know each other. It is important for everyone to feel comfortable and be able to speak freely.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define complementary and alternative medicine
  • Understand how to identify the root of a particular dysfunction
  • Define what a functional integrated approach is
  • Importance of a comprehensive medical history
  • Understanding of muscle and joint movement


Research a website that outlines the importance of complementary and alternative medicine and find a local provider for these types of services. We will discuss all findings in class.

Week 2

Review- Class will start with a review of the key points in week 1 and the homework assignment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the principles of treating soft tissue manually
  • Recognize the impact injury has on soft tissue
  • Understand ART
  • Define the cumulative injury cycle
  • Finding a provider


Students will research ART online and learn the benefits.

Week 3

Review- Class will start with a review of the key points in week 2 and the homework assignment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the general principles of biomechanics relating to treatments
  • Recognize the impact injury has on soft tissue
  • Importance of patient observation
  • What it means to functionally analyze patient information
  • Basics on electro-acupuncture


This course is taught using a power point. There is a handout broken into three parts to keep notes and follow the lectures.

presentation with notes


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Corporate Wellness and Supplements

This presentation is geared towards office workers ranging from the receptionist to the partner at the investment banking firm. The presentation educates employees on how to be healthy at work and some simple techniques to improve work performance. Included in this corporate wellness presentation is the truth about supplements. The goal is to educate people about supplements and why they work and why sometimes they do not. Corporate Wellness

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Jennifer 35 Working Mom

Based on Jennifer’s lifestyle and evaluation results we need to get as much out of her gym time as possible. The first thing I did was educate her on how important it is to take care of herself because if she breaks down the world is over for the people around her. This circuit program would be 1 hour 2 days per week for 4 weeks. Monday and Thursday would be this routine and Tuesday and Friday would be walking on the treadmill for 45 minutes. As she progresses the exercises will stay the same, but we will shorten rest periods and increase reps. Each line on the page is a set. For example, page one has cat/camel, quadruped cross crawl and glute bridge. The bridge is the last exercise in the circuit so the client rests. Rest is adjusted based on the client’s fitness level. After she masters these exercises and develops a base then we can redesign and progress the workout.
The circuits are designed to keep her either standing or on the floor. We do not want to get up and down because this can cause an issue with blood pressure. The exercises are based on the movement evaluation and are focused on correcting the dysfunction created by her every day activity. For example, sitting for so long will create tight pecs, traps and hip flexors. Rows, retraction and the thoracic foam roller exercise help correct these issues. The hip flexors are corrected by strengthening the glutes and mobilizing the hips.
Her kids can easily follow the same routine at home with simple equipment. The bands, balls and foam rollers will add up to about $100. Any cable exercise can be replaced with a band and a simple door anchor. Since finances are limited she can join a cheap gym and pay a trainer for two 30 min sessions to just learn the basics and what she needs. Most cheaper gyms only charge $30 for a 30 min session. Worst case there are videos online to teach her the prescribed exercises.
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I chose this site because I have followed the owner, Eric for many years. He has an incredible knowledge base and is a true professional. His site is a great reference for any trainer looking to learn from the best. I have integrated many of his principles into my own training. I have worked with many of his clients and helped them follow his custom program.

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This site is fantastic because it is easy to navigate and the information is solid. In the fitness industry there are many myths and false information is all over the place. This site actually explains how to stretch and why stretching as a warm up is wrong. I use this site to help educate skeptical clients. It is hard to dispute Harvard.

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Low Back

This site is an incredible resource for both the public and health professionals. The information Dr Mcgill researches is incredible and useful in every day life. I chose this site because I share Dr Mcgill’s philosophy on the low back. He explains why many of the traditional core exercises may actually be doing more harm than good.